SEEN Networks

Sex Equality and Equity Networks

There is now a growing number of SEEN networks; independent but with similar aims.


The Civil Service staff network for colleagues in UK central government, its executive agencies, and arms length bodies. The first SEEN network to form.

Police SEEN

Police SEEN UK network for all serving officers and staff who hold lawful sex realist and gender critical beliefs. We aim to provide a much needed voice of support for police officers and police staff who share our views.

We seek to ensure that our Forces return focus to the Peelian Principles and uphold the law as it is written, free from ideological bias and the influence of politically motivated activist employees and lobby groups.


We are a group of Human Resources professionals who hold sex realist and gender critical beliefs. We believe it is important to uphold the Equality Act in UK workplaces as it is written and intended.

We aim to do this by working with people in a broad range of disciplines in HR and by holding our professional body to account for giving guidance based on what the legislation, including case law, says.

SEEN in Parliament

We are a network committed to promoting and supporting sex equality and equity between women and men in Parliament, helping all staff to thrive at work and fulfil their potential, as intended by the Equality Act.


For sex-realists who work or study in STEM and believe reality matters for continuing scientific and technological discoveries. The Enlightenment lives on.

SEEN in Schools

We are a network of UK school staff (teachers and non-teaching) and governors committed to promoting sex equality and equity in schools.

SEEN in Journalism

A network for journalists and content creators across platforms who seek to restore accuracy and impartiality to media coverage of sex and gender.

SEEN in Retail

Advocating for sex equality and sex-based rights in the retail sector

SEEN in Sport

For all players, coaches, officials and parents who believe that women’s and girls sports should be for biological females only.